Santosh Kumar Srivatava

Chairman Message

Dear Students, The PRABHU KAILASH POLYTECHNIC is the technical institute in the Aurangabad, Bihar and you have taken a very wise decision to seek technical education in PRABHU KAILASH POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE. During the course of your professional education, you will feel here the difference in the education system as it emphasizes more on hands-on training besides, classroom teaching. The college will provide all amenities and facilities to enable you to acquire knowledge and skill for your future growth to prepare you to become globally competent engineers. The college will also hone your knowledge by organizing special lectures and field visits to real industrial situations to enable you to get exposition to advanced technology. The faculties shall regularly monitor progress and provide personal guidance to each one of you through the tutor-guardian relationship. Besides, you will get opportunities to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which enable you to develop the inherent talents that will help you in your future career. On behalf of the P.K. POLYTECHNIC, I welcome you and wish success in your professional career.

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